Road Skills Test

EDA Excel Driving Academy students must enroll for the Road Skills Test through the student portal.
All other students, please call the office at 318-498-2000 to schedule the Road Skills Test.

Time to show what you've learned!

Why wait in line at the Office of Motor Vehicles when you can take the test at Excel Driving Academy?   Excel Driving Academy is a third-party tester for the Office of Motor Vehicles. 

The road skills test is the examination of the driver's ability to safely operate and maneuver a vehicle in traffic.  

Road Skills Test Fees:

The fee for the road skill tests is $40 plus a $10 fee is required for the using our vehicle, making the total balance for the road test $50.  Tests are taken by appointment only and last approximately 25 minutes.    If a retest is required the fee is $50.00.

If you are a current student, please log into your portal to purchase the Road Skills Test:

REQUIREMENTS for Students Aged 16:

  • Must have learners permit for 181 days
  • Primary parent/guardian must be present at the scheduled time of testing to sign documents

REQUIREMENTS for Students Aged 17:

  • Primary parent/guardian must be present at the scheduled time of testing to sign documents

Students ages 16 & 17 are required to bring:

  • Learners permit or TIP (Whatever they may have)
  • Student's Birth certificate with the state seal
  • Parent's/Guardian's ID
  • Custody documentation if any papers have been filed

Students ages 18 and older are required to bring:

  • Learners permit or TIP (Whatever they may have)


  • The average skills test should take approximately 25 minutes to complete
  • Each road test shall be scored on the behaviors and maneuvers listed bellow


  • Starting/Backing Out
  • Straight In Parking
  • 3 Left Turns
  • 3 Right Turns
  • 2 Lane Changes
  • 2 Traffic Signals
  • 2 Intersections
  • 2 Stop Signs
  • Speeding
  • Railroad Crossings (Not Required) 
  • Yield Right of Way
  • Lane Usage
  • Attention/ Distraction
  • Time
  • Following


The following conditions or actions may disqualify the applicant OR cause the skills test to be discontinued.  

  •  Cumulative Minor Mistakes 
    • Each applicant starts with 100 points. Each unsatisfactory maneuver is marked and deducted from the 100 points. The applicant must receive 80 points or better to pass.
    • If the applicant fails the road skills test, he may not return until the waiting period prescribed by the examiner has expired. Depending on the cause for disqualification/failure, this may vary from one to thirty days.
    • If an applicant fails due to inexperience, the examiner may recommend a learner's permit. The learner's permit is the only legal means by which the applicant may practice and improve his performance.
  •  Violation of a Traffic Law 
    • Speeding 5 miles over the speed limit
    • Not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign
    • Running a red light
    • Driving on the wrong side of the road
    • Not yielding to an emergency vehicle
  •  Dangerous Accident/Incident 
    • If an accident is prevented only by defensive driving on the part of another motorist or dodging by a pedestrian.
    • If the examiner aids in controlling the vehicle by taking hold of the wheel or applying the brakes in a dual brake vehicle OR, in the interest of safety, drives the vehicle back.
    • If the driver commits any act or omission that creates a dangerous or unsafe traffic environment.
  •  Collision 
    • Contact with another vehicle
    • Contact with a pedestrian
    • Any bumper contact with fixed objects, including running off the roadway into shrubbery or lawns.
  •  Lack of cooperation or refusal to perform 
  •  Includes but is not limited to the above 
Have any questions? (318) 498-2000